Depends on your definition of queerbaiting.

Some people use the term to indicate active mockery of the concept of queer relationships.  Playing it for laughs, like, “Haha, isn’t this funny because that would just be a ridiculous concept and we all know it.”

But other people use the term to indicate anytime when a story seems like it’s teasing or promising to deliver a queer relationship but then swings hetero after all.

By the latter definition, this show still looks like queerbaiting unless and until it does in fact deliver on that relationship.

Personally I still don’t believe their relationship will ever be sexual.  The weight of history and Moffat’s own stated opinions tip the scales even against everything the show has given us.

I would suspect that the goal was to give us enough evidence to support our interpretations in that direction, except for all the “Not gay!” we keep getting from Moffat and Co.

(Though it has occurred to me…  Have they outright said “Not gay?”  Or have they in fact said some variation on, “We’re not going to see them get together?”  Because those are maybe different things.  Even though from a representation standpoint, it’s still a sleazy way of dodging the issue.)

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