Ok!  Who all is arriving Thursday (what time?) Who all is arriving Friday (what time?)

I’m rooming with batik96 and sweetlatejuliet Fri-Sun 

but I really enjoyed the glom in the lobby the evening before the con last year and am thinking that knowing my way around town and having my own car I could be the back up shuttle for the people who take MARTA out to the Perimeter instead of using the Marriott complimentary shuttle (which you have to call ahead for and might have to wait a bit so they don’t do that massive haul with just one person…)

I know northray is going to be in evening time Thursday… and wiggle-of-judas too, I think?  Who else?

and does me volunteering to be backup shuttle make anyone’s stress levels drop? I will message you my phone number.


I’ll be arriving Thursday. Trying to time it pre- rush hour so that I can arrive during daylight (for easier finding of things), and skip rush hour traffic. (So probably 3-ish). (Yes, I know that’s early. Yeah. I’ll find something to eat. It’ll be OK.)

Yeah, driving is going to make me anxious, so I won’t be able to eat until I hit town. XD (LMK if you’ll already be there we can go forage? Haha.)

My flight should be getting in Thursday around 2, 2:30 pm.  So I’ll likely have a fair amount of time to kill, if anybody else is getting in early enough to just lurk around and hang out. ^_^

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