Hahahah, well.  …Yes, yes, I think that may indeed be what I’m saying.

Do we need to revisit Sherlock’s flickering, pleased smirks whenever John praised him in S1/2?  Or his comment to Irene about John having already come up with every conceivable way of telling Sherlock he’s amazing?

And all Sherlock’s laughing looks whenever John snarks at Mycroft or Lestrade or whomever else is currently pissing Sherlock off.

And the way he stares at John like he’s thinking of eating him, whenever John pulls out the BAMF in his presence (see also: shooting the cabbie; pulling rank on the guy at Baskerville; going BAMF doctor on the man stabbed with a meat knife).

And let us not forget that even when John is not being otherwise useful, his presence re-centers Sherlock and helps him think.  And that as of HLV and Sherlock’s mind palace adventure, when he seeks out Redbeard’s memory to help him calm down and find his happy place (right after searching for John and finding Mary instead), a parallel between his beloved dogger and his John has been explicitly drawn in Sherlock’s mind by the show.  (And as a matter of fact, Mycroft did this too, with his “Remember Redbeard” comment, warning Sherlock off of the beings who have the power to break his heart.)

So…yes.  Now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how Sherlock thinks of John. 😀

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