Goodness, anon, so full of questions!  I shall call you Question Anon. ^_^

1: I didn’t know Ben had a bottomjohn prompt list.  It surprises me that he would, actually, because as far as I know it’s not really his thing.

2: Unless you mean this list, in which case that is indeed the list from the johnwants it blog.  But they’re not really my prompts.  They’re prompts for anybody.  And if you’d like to add some, the submission form is here.

3: Honestly I take prompts from a lot of places.  ^_^

4: Of course bottomjohn and toplock are different!  For instance, if you shipped Sherlock/Lestrade, bottomjohn wouldn’t even be relevant.

5: It wouldn’t necessarily be given.  We live in a very imaginative era, with many toys and tools.  I imagine that if they both wanted to bottom or top, they could find a way!  (Assuming that you’re even pairing them together.)  And then of course there are threesomes.

6: No clue!  Bottomlock/topjohn is really not my thing. ^_^  There’s lots of it (and everything else conceivable) on the BBC Sherlock kink meme, though!

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