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But she wasn’t supposed to be like that. Why is she like that?

THIS SCENE. This scene and everything Sherlock didn’t say but that we can hear loud and clear: “Because you chose her…” and didn’t choose me.

You know

If you look at these gifs and forget what came before them it just sounds like he is indeed saying ‘her and not me’

Ugh god john thinks he put sherlock in danger by being his broken self

What do you mean? Because he married the witch who shot him?

All I can see on John’s face is “I would have chosen you, Sherlock, I would have chosen you every time – but you fucking left.”

Yes 🙁

It was always you. That’s completely what I see. That’s what I saw the first time I watched it, and I can’t see anything else in his face. It’s so accusatory, so pained. Directed at Sherlock. Not Mary. 

I will be forever convinced that if Sherlock had told him the plan, had told him WHY he was leaving/had left, just trusted him…they’d be together. Maybe not yet in an actual romantic way, but John would have stayed the course he was in during the latter half of S2 – not dating women, totally devoted to Sherlock – and Mary wouldn’t have been a blip on his radar, even if Sherlock wasn’t in England, and was off doing whatever the hell he was doing the last two years. Because John would have felt trusted and needed, and wouldn’t have thought he was alone forever.

Dammit, Sherlock. 

I agree completely.

But I also think that, had Sherlock told him, John wouldn’t have let him go without him.

I think as a solider John understands there are some missions he can’t go on and that it would have been his role to stay home and play the grieving friend.  i think John would have hated being left but he would have know it was for the best.

but Sherlock decided John wouldn’t keep the secret and he lost him.  John’s still madly in love with him but i think after leaning Sherlock had told so many people but not him John felt Sherlock couldn’t love him the way he love him so he went with Mary and tried to burry his feelings

until this moment when Sherlock pulls the “you choose her over me’ and John’s like no, “it was always you but you left me and lied to me and I thought you didn’t want me so I picked second best.

Or how about

John loved Sherlock, loved that life, but that life kicked him out, abandoned him, left him behind, just life the military.  And sure, Sherlock finally came back for him.  But in the meantime, John said, “I need something different.  I need something solid.  Something, someone that won’t abandon me, someone who really needs me, a life I can trust not to betray me.”

And he found Mary.  And he thought Mary was it.

But Mary, it turns out, isn’t it.  Mary is just like Sherlock.  She uses his devotion to hurt him, leaves him out, lies to him so thoroughly he builds entire worlds that turn out not to be true.  Just like Sherlock.  

Why is she like that?

Because that’s what you choose, John.

He loves Sherlock.  But he keeps losing him.  Sherlock promised not to leave him again and then he nearly died over and over again this season.  John wanted something that could protect him, something he could still have for the next time he was left behind.

But he still doesn’t have it.  He’s left to their mercy.  And neither of them has very much.

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