Anon, that is shitty.  Not you; you’re not.  I mean that if that’s the case, it sucks and I’m sorry.

I hate that people feel like they need to take sides over it.  It’s a theory, not a sports team.  And this particular one will, with time, be materially proven or disproven.  Which I think is kind of spectacular.  I’m so curious to see which it’ll be.  

Predicting one thing while hoping for another is not meant to be taking sides or being cool or dodging anything; it’s a totally normal position to take.  We do it every day.  

“I’m hoping that this kitchen renovation I’m having done will be finished this weekend, but I’m betting that they’re going to find out they have to redo the old plaster on the ceiling before they can finish installing the lighting tracks.”

“I’m hoping that I don’t need to have any work done on my car to pass inspection this year, but it probably needs the brakes done.”

“I really hope they end up getting Sherlock and John together, but Moffat’s probably going to be a straight-white-hero-worshipping-fanboi about it.”

In fact, anybody who thinks that last one (which includes me, BTW) is being an extra-special dick if they mock or belittle somebody for believing in tjlc.  Because in actually, the sides to be taken here are: do you WANT Sherlock and John to get together in the show, not whether you expect it to actually happen.

The only difference between you and me, anon, is that I’ve been disappointed enough times before to be dubious whether I’ll actually get what I want this time.

And the fact that there isn’t an actual argument to be had here makes it just that much more crappy that people are being treated badly over it.

This is, in fact, what pissed me off this evening: I saw people coming up into my ask box—and worse, other peoples’ ask boxes—with angry “If you don’t believe in tjlc, it means you support the homophobic status quo!” style messages.  That is rude, and sloppy thinking, and has more to do with being an overzealous crusader than it has to do with believing in tjlc. 

It’s just as rude and sloppy to go around harassing and name-calling people who do believe the theory.  Because there’s nothing wrong with tjlc itself.  It is in point of fact a pretty sound theory.  It’s anything but crazy!  

There are people who just don’t want to hear about it, either way, and for them I advocate unfollowing the people who put it on your dash.  That’s the civilized, adult thing to do.  I have not, so far as I know, witnessed anybody being treated badly just for being pro-tjlc.  If I passed by a situation like that and didn’t say anything, then I’m sorry.

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