It’s cool.  I think that anon knows that.  They were just acknowledging that the outcome of one show isn’t going to singlehandedly change the world.

One of the things I love the tjlc folks for is the force of their determination to see that change.  Some people may get so caught up that they conflate desire and probability, but when it comes to standing for greater queer representation and equality, they are valiant and ferocious.

And incidentally, don’t let anybody tell you guys that arguing about things on Tumblr doesn’t make a difference in the real world.  It absolutely does.  It’s real people who are getting educated and having their perspectives shift.  It’s real people when THEY then call out and start conversations with the people in their lives.  And these conversations—maybe not the ones specifically on this blog, but on Tumblr as a whole—make it back to academics, market researchers, and the news media.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and Tumblr’s not the only place it’s happening, but it does make a difference.

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