For anyone having a tough time processing things from Season 3, I highly recommend listening to the Consolation Roundtable in Ep 19 of the threepatchpodcast. It’s a great lesson in how our own feelings and experiences can alter the personal meaning of the show for each and every one of us. I actually cried listening to it.

And I definitely cried while we recorded it.

All of the post season three discussions on three patch have been excellent. Definitely worth a listen if you are thinking about what season three has meant to you and not sure how to process, take in and or respond to all of the differing opinions, meta, and thoughts on the matter.

The round tables have been super honest and very vulnerable I thought, very brave for the folks who participated in these. I really appreciated their honesty. I’d highly recommend (well all of the episodes) but the post season three are extremely relevant especially with the debate and pain that seems to be going around tumblr as of late.

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