So because I didn’t want to print out an excel spreadsheet and circle it, I spent nights uploading the information in this handy app called Guidebook. The nice thing about this app is that I could create my own schedule and it would remind me in 15 minutes (for example) when the next panel I wanted to attend was. It was helpful to me at TimeGate when planning my day out. I’ve added the whole con schedule, a map of the hotel, and a list called Food and Events where I tried to list some of the places that corpsereviver2 made mention of (and then just linked to the post itself in one of them). I also added the Stag Night and Three Patch parties (schedule is listed in the description). If you would like me to add any meet ups to this I will gladly do it, just send me an ask. I don’t expect any of you to need me for that though when you can just post it here in the tag.

Download It

All you have to do if you want to try it out is download the app called Guidebook from your App Store. This works on both Android and iPhone. You can also access it from the web m.guidebook.com

Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to the bottom where it says download guides and search for 221b Con.

Please like this post if you download it and tell me what you think of it. I love feedback.


Ya, I was trying to organize stuff last night and there was so much paper. nobody wants to carry that around. This is so great. like everything I was trying to screenshot and print and note down and highlight in one.” – my roommate

This is so convenient. I was gonna make an excel spreadsheet but not anymore.” – my other roommate

This is amazing and I am using it.

Extra bonus: you can use the app to make connections with people so you can keep up with each other!  There’s a big old list of ‘attendees’ who have registered in the app, and you can request to follow them.  It’ll be pretty obvious who I am. ^_^

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