Sherlock and Mary say that John chose her because they’re fucking liars. It’s simple as that – I love the both of them, their characters are wonderful, but they’re horrible terrible liars that put the blame on John to avoid further explanation because Mary is hiding things from John and Sherlock is hiding things from John and John knows literally nothing about the two most important people in his life.

this reply kinda knocked me on my bum. …oh…hmmm far too much to think about. 

Hahaha, Roane had the answer to this: that what they are saying in that scene is that John subconsciously realized that Mary wasn’t what she seems and that is the real reason he was so attracted to her, even though at the time he didn’t know he knew.

I agree with her.  Sherlock makes this point pretty explicitly, really.  It’s not like it’s subtext.  He spends the entire episode pointing out to John how he keeps missing the fact that he’s attracted to alarming people.

(Which is not to say they aren’t horrible liars, because they ARE.  They just weren’t lying about this.)

I do like how it is one more piece of evidence for how divided John’s conscious mind is from his subconscious mind.  Which is interesting in about 100 ways, including why Sherlock has always seemed to think John is so much better at detecting than John believes or even seems to be.

I didn’t reblog this one because I thought it was true.  I reblogged it because I found it tremendously entertaining. 

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