Friends; creators; internet denizens… it’s the third weekend of the month… so the Antidiogenes Club is running this weekend!

Here are the (copy-pasted) rules:

  1. Write as much as you can over the weekend.

That’s basically it. (If you’re new around these here parts, you probably want to read…

Hi y’all! This is a thing happening this weekend 🙂 some logistical notes are over on the antidiogenes tumblr 🙂

I have found this super helpful and supportive and fun. If you are 18 or over, we have a fabulous couple of IRC chat rooms. AD is mostly writers but we do have artists and podcasters and folks too.

We’re mostly fan ficcers but we also have pro ficcers, dissertation writers, and first time writers.

It is super fun no matter if you are writing johnlock omegaverse, g rated Spuffy, a history of the Peloponnesian war, or some combination thereof. 🙂 or whatever 🙂

I’m out like a scout and offline til later this afternoon bit I hope to see you around!

Whee, Antidiogenes weekend! Just what I need to lube the ol’ smut-writing channels… wait…

Yay!  Time to get back on the fic-writing horse!

(The horse does the writing.  I’m just there to supervise.)

Weekend Write-or-Die

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