I have!  Well, I saw the first episode.  Need to watch the second.

I saw the movie many years ago and was shocked and impressed.  It has always stuck with me.  So I am really thrilled to see that this version seems to be living up to the original. 

I think that some people will probably discover that they don’t like it.  There’s a lot about Fargo that is really pretty grim and gruesome, and funny mostly because it’s too pathetic to be horror.  Martin Freeman is great (though it’s still surreal to hear that accent coming out of his mouth), but his character really isn’t somebody you’re meant to like.  

In the original, it was Marge who made it all okay, in so many ways.  She was our hero and our bedrock and a warm reminder that the sun will shine and spring will come again.  When you watched the movie, you kept feeling like the weight of the world was on her little shoulders, afraid that she she would stumble—but she never even seemed to notice.  

In this version, that will be Molly.  She’s going to be amazing.  You can see it already. 

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