introducing #moreholmes!

this tag is a place to meet fans and post caps, videos, graphics, links, fic, discussions etc of canon and all adaptions you can think of – except bbc sherlock and elementary (which already have sherlockedit and elementaryedit) unless in comparisons or the like.

i noticed that it’s hard to find posts about anything but the popular choices and thought that canon and adaptions (like granada, the private life of sherlock holmes, the 1954 series, young sherlock holmes, cartoon series and pastiches to name just a few) deserve a little love.

after all, sherlock holmes is the most portrayed literary human character but we could see a bit more of that on tumblr!

tag #moreholmes in the first five tags when making a new post and let’s meet!

[direct questions/comments here]

I didn’t know about ANY of those tags.

Well, there you go, guys!  If you’ve been looking to make more friends, now you know how!

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