You left a one word review for Electric Pink Hand Grenade. “Pretencious”

You spelt that word wrong.

You chose a word that is, in itself, a bit pretentious when you could have just said it was overblown or silly, thus (potentially) you were exhibiting those same qualities you so disliked in a fic.

I am trying not to laugh at you, but you’re making it rather difficult.

laugh, BF, laugh

I admit, I did chortle. And kind of cringe at the same time. is where reviews go to die. It’s part of the reason I don’t bother posting there anymore. I don’t see the point in dealing with their godawful interface only to get comments like that.
The last one I got there was “Ain’t nobody got time for dat…”

The last fic I posted on was “Bleeding Smiling Beautiful,” and I admit that I did it specifically to see how many “OMG you are disturbed and need therapy” comments I got.

(I was really disappointed; I only got one.)

It’s just not worth going through the fuckery of their posting interface.  And let’s face it, most of us would be violating their posting policies if we put half our stories up there anyway.

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