And the whole German Sherlock fandom cries. This is even better than a declaration of love.

I am crying.

Aaaaaaaaugh! (snif)

Is this supposed to be the same as the English version?

Google translate claims this says: “There’s something that I spare you always wanted to say.  And since it is unlikely that we will ever see each other again.  Do you quietly to me!” 

So… obviously Google translate is missing something, but… srsly, what does it say?  I’m terribly curious.

“Mr. Watson.”  (In German, the polite ‘you’ in the next sentence creates a linguistic distance that is equivalent to using a polite address in English.)

“There is something that I have just always wanted to say to you.”

“And as it is unlikely, that we will ever see each other again…”

“Speak ‘du’ softly to me!”

(It technically just reads “Say ‘du’ to me quietly” but I’m embellishing to carry the sense of intimacy that comes with ‘du,’ and also the humor.)

(‘Du,’ for those not in the know, is the German informal, intimate version of ‘you,’ used by friends, family and lovers—along with those who are deliberately being super-rude and talking down to you.  ’Sie’ is the polite, professional, courteous version of ‘you.’  ’Ihnen’ is the direct object form of ‘Sie.’  All versions of the polite Sie pronoun set are capitalized.  If you see a lowercase ‘sie’ then it is not ‘you’ but ‘she.’)

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