(Contains some Spanish because “El Brujo”)

“Me aseguraré de que nunca verá tierra seca,” said the sable haired man who had taken their ship. John looked up, and tried to breath against the tight binding ropes. El Brujo- the scourage of the sea, able to see in to the depths of your soul through the power of the Devil- had snapped the words at his Commander. When eyes the color of a lightning storm fell on the Captain, though, John felt his heart thump harder. “Un soldado con formación médica de los Musulmanes? Interesante.”

El Brujo spun on his heels and shouted orders in Spanish so quick that John couldn’t catch a single word, save that it flowed from his lips like wine. Three men grabbed John by his shoulders, and dragged him away while his former ship-mates cried out. Poor Stamford even attempted to stand and fight! John was taken deep in to the ship, to a set of excelently furnished rooms. Waiting there was El Brujo. “Déjanos en paz” he commanded. Once the door shut, El Brujo turned. “Now then. We can talk.”

John gaped. “You- You speak English?” The pirate let out a snort through his elegant nose, and turned away. “Of course I can speak English. I am English. Simply because I sail a Spanish ship does not mean that I myself am a Spaniard.” John shook his head. He supposed that made some sort of sense. “But they call you ‘El Brujo,” John said. The pirate captain rolled his eyes. “Only because they mistake my observations for sorcery. Utterly foolish.”

John licked his lips. “That is… very interesting,” he said. “But…why have you separated me from my shipmates? Do you intend to kill me? As some sort of example?” El Brujo smiled at him. Oh, by God, that smile. It was a sinful smile, full of wickedness and deviance. “No,” the tall man said as he took long, predatory strides over. He drew out a small daggar and started cutting the ropes that bound John. “You’re quite interesting. A soldier, sailor, and surgeon? I intend to have you, Captain.”

“Wh-What are you-MMFF!” John groaned against that surprisingly clever, and shockingly soft, mouth as it pressed against his. But the rope had been cut and he could now reach to push El Brujo away. He did so, and ran for the door, only to be stopped by the depraved demon. His captor slammed John against the door and kept it closed by pressing his full weight to it. “What will you do? Go out to certain death among my men? Your only choice left is me and my bed. Qué elegirá, Capitán encantador?”

John let out a small moan. That voice, dark as the ocean at midnight, in his ear, speaking in a foreign tongue. He knew it was the worst sin- against God and against the Crown!- but as El Brujo pressed his hips to the Navy Captain’s buttocks, John felt his body beginning to bretray his head. Soon, the pirate was rubbing his stiffening cock against him, while John pressed his own against the door. “I see you’ve made your choice,” said The Sorcerer as he turned John around and took his lips again.

…to be continue? no? ANON WE WANNA KNOW!

Also thank you! this was ‘delicioso’ Yarrrrrawr ♥  

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