aaactually the “irreverent fandom & ‘shipping’” [o the disdainful quotation marks slay me] are completely important and delightful

let’s not do the “i look down on you because i regard your relationship with a fictional text as intrinsically inferior to mine because of some elitist straitjacketed notion of how texts should be received, as though ‘fandom’ is a dirty word rather than a subversive movement to challenge archaic interpretative hierarchies; and exploring complex taboos and intricate interpersonal character dynamics through absurdist humour and collaborative fan textual authorship are somehow less ‘thoughtful’ and appropriate and valid to this challenging mutilvalent text [which, by the way, owes major debts to the most pulpy, lurid and irreverent tropes of genre fiction; and only survives because of its ardent vocal intelligent fandom] than traditional literary analysis” thing, yeah?

don’t trash other fans to compliment me. that’s not a compliment, it’s an insult. 

Aw yeah.

<stands up and applauds>

Ahahahahaha YES.

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