soooooo why didn’t bryan fuller ask any lesbians if they would sleep with straight men??? because i’m sure the response would’ve been VERY different

it’s a huge, disgusting fantasy for cishet men to be the dick that finally gets the lesbian

what the fuck why does anyone support this guy after this episode???

For everyone passing around his other tweets like they’re gold, why aren’t you looking at this one?? Oh! Because that would mean you’re defending a shithead and not the precious perfect writer you’ve been talking him up to be.

This is inexcusable, disgusting, lesbophobic shit and if you still like and/or support this asshole after that then you can go right ahead and unfollow me.

I’m speechless, this is the most blatent disgusting bullshit I’ve see in public and nobody is saying shit about it.

I was disappointed in this.  It’s not that no lesbian ever would ever sleep with a man—and god knows Margot’s got about a thousand reasons she might decide to.  But they didn’t lay any groundwork for it!  Gave no reason at all.  Will even ASKED her why she was propositioning him and she said nothing.  (Although that does seem to point more toward her not wanting to share her reasons than her not having any.)

I hope her motives will become clear later.  Fuller usually does think these things through.  But just because he’s better about it than most—hell, even the fact he’s a gay man himself—doesn’t mean he never fucks up.

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