Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain.

The one thing I desperately hope they address in S4 is, “You can trust Mary.  She saved my life.”  Because it is nothing but the most colossal bullshit coming out of Sherlock’s mouth, and I am gagging to know what he was actually thinking when he said it.

I mean—HOW, Sherlock?  Nobody was endangering your life!  Except for the lady who shot you!  Regardless of whether she did or did not in fact desire you on a slab, you still can’t reasonably say she saved your life if she was the only person putting it in danger in the first place!  THAT’S FUCKING LOGIC, DUDE.

It’s double-think worthy of the most miserable politician, and such a moment of horrendous manipulativeness (either that or just terribly unsound reasoning, which isn’t really Sherlock’s style), after what Mary did to them both, to try to take the very thing that she did and use it to “prove” to John that she can actually be trusted.  So I am dying of curiosity to know:  is this a true representation of how Sherlock thinks?  Or was he trying to keep Mary in John’s life because he’s seen she makes him happy?  Or did he have some other motivation?

DYING of curiosity.

(God, I LOVE all these shady dangerous people.  <3 Mindfucks for everybody!  Especially John.)

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