‘I began to think perhaps the ocean had gotten the better of you this time.’

‘Not even she could keep me from you, John.’


My precious nautical lovers. This absolutely belongs in the same universe as this.

So my headcanon is Naval officer John and pirate Sherlock met in the Caribbean and began a secret affair. Every time Sherlock is close enough to where John is posted, he comes ashore so that they can have at least one night together, but their meetings are few and far between.

Eventually, there comes a time when the town John is stationed in is attacked (by Moriarty). Sherlock decides to help John repel Moriarty’s crew, but when they are seen fighting side by side by another British soldier, John is mistakenly assumed to have turned traitor and is shot. Sherlock takes him aboard his ship and sails to find John a safe place to treat his wound (a musket shot to the shoulder). Now believed to be a pirate, John joins Sherlock permanently and becomes his first mate. And so they live happily ever after having many pirating adventures.

That is the fan fic I will never write, but dammit I love these guys.

As a writer who has had writer’s block for several months, this itches my senses. I know it was your idea @willietheplaidjacket but would you mind if I attempted it?

Nah man, go for it. I don’t mind if anyone wants to write something based off of this. I have my own personal head-canon which is more detailed than what I’ve described above so chances are you’ll come up with something different and interesting which is great. If you’re inspired, have at it 🙂


2: Willie is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

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