Okay, maybe not the final answer, but part of the problem! Asks keep getting eaten. Which is a big problem when you’re doing something anon and don’t want to ask the person “did you get it”? 

If the ask contains an ellipsis without a trailing space, it gets eaten. It says delivered, but it goes nowhere.

So “Well… then” will get delivered but “Well…then” won’t!

Hopefully this helps in getting your asks actually delivered.

Post I made for my RP account, but very relevant elsewhere.

After discovering this, I tested it. Five different accounts between two people, anon vs not. No matter what, without fail, if the trailing space was missing, the message was not delivered.

I contacted Tumblr staff. They were already fully aware this was happening, but it is not documented anywhere. Nor do they seem keen on giving their users a warning about it in any fashion.

Help me spread the word because the staff won’t!

I just tested this, and it’s legit.

This one needs to be spread far and wide.

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