I lie. They did form during WWII. The whole scene was more complicated and messy, but fundamentally the same deal.

either way. my real question was whether it was an idea that existed in the comics canon or if they made it up for the movies.
i saw a post from iron man 2 saying how like ‘there’s an extra layer of meaning’ now that tony kept the iron man tech out of the hands of senator buttlips who turned out to be involved with hydra
and i was like, but was that on purpose? like, did the marvel people always intend to put hydra into the mix

Oh, I see.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure the movie guys meant to do that.  These running plots have been pretty tight, world-building-wise, and we know they’re all leading up to the Infinity Gauntlet—which is another thing from the comics—so they’re clearly putting some thought into planning ahead.

The comics version of the Infinity Gauntlet was a catastrophe that long-time readers try to forget.  I’m betting the movie version is going to turn out to be the way we wish they’d done it the first time.

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