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Graceless on AO3

“Why don’t you come out?” He asks to the open halls, his voice echoing in the space of the Victorian house. If there is a house at all, he thinks and a shiver runs through him.

How deep this magic goes, he doesn’t know. “We can settle this like men. No tricks.” And with his words a reverberating chuckle bounds, bouncing by walls and passing through him like a great breath.

Tumblr prompt fill.

AKA how I try and write sex but it always seems to drift away like this :/

You know, I went to the bookstore the other day, thinking that it’s really been a while since I bought a new sci-fi/fantasy book and I was really in the mood for something new and interesting.

And I couldn’t find anything I hadn’t already read, on four rows of shelves, that grabbed me as more than a tired rehash.

And here today, there’s this, which in not much more than 1000 words fills that craving and leaves me happy.

It does that thing where the story is short, but it creates a history that’s much vaster.  I only read 1200 words but it was 1200 words and a world.

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