Since AO3 doesn’t have a share option for a whole series (Get on that, AO3? Please?) here’s a link to the “He Kindly Stopped For Me” series, which is the one where John is Death, and Sherlock is a demigod.

So far, the ficlets are all in roughly chronological order, though I suppose eventually I’ll write some here and there that aren’t. I dunno. Give me some cool prompts and we’ll see what happens. 😉

Anyway, the three ficlets that I recently posted here are all posted there now, too. With titles, even! 

morning reblog. This is easier than reblogging each of the ficlets as they’re posted here!

And a friday evening reblog. I always feel like when I’m around tumblr is the opposite of when everyone else is.

Guys, I am SERIOUSLY grooving on belovedmuerto’s Death!John series.

He Kindly Stopped For Me – belovedmuerto – Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

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