I know of absolutely no fic with the Tenga double hole!  Also possibly I have fallen behind on my sex toy research lately but I didn’t know what the Tenga double hole cup was till I googled it. ^_^

I am grateful for the education, and I hope that someone decides to amend this tragic state of affairs!

No seriously if you’ve never heard of these things click the link – there’s an “introduction and use” video which is highly informative (NOT LIKE THAT PERVS).

If you do watch the video, though – did I hear correctly that they said that all you had to do was cap it and dispose of it? I was like. yo, that’s an expensive wank, friends, at around $8 each.

Maz gets to the heart of the important things.

I was thinking that, too.  I was like, “Oh, disposable, that’s a neat idea…oh, holy crap.”

I guess they’re for, like, Special-Day wanks.

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