Sometimes I think about Wash and how when he got Epsilon, he basically had Alpha in his head.  And how maybe he was so insistent about Alpha coming along to finish things at Sidewinder because the Alpha he knew–the Alpha who still had his memories–would have wanted it.  And Wash wanted to give him the vengeance he would have wanted if he’d remembered.

And sometimes, of what drove Wash so far and for so long to get that revenge, I wonder how much was Wash’s natural talent for grudges and how much was Alpha’s/Epsilon’s anger.

Yeah, and then I think about how Alpha became Church, and over the years he became someone entirely else and his own. And then I wonder if Wash was holding on too hard to what Alpha might what have wanted, and not paying attention to what Alpha wanted -now-, as a new person, and if his pushing Church to feel motivated by Alpha’s anger was misplaced and he should have just let Alpha live on as Church instead of getting too tangled up in the past like Wash was forced to do with bits of Epsilon still left in his head, and that getting Church destroyed in the EMP taking down the Meta wasn’t actually what Alpha really, truly wanted.



Also I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.

In a series where an awful lot of people spend a great deal of time learning how to finally let things go, Alpha got his past brutally stripped from him and it might’ve been the best thing that ever happened to him.

Till it came back and got him killed, anyway.  Thanks for that, Wash.

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