YOU ARE SO SWEET and yet it is I who who should be thanking you!  You’re the one who puts in several hours or possibly days of work on these amazing stories and then posts them for the enjoyment of total strangers. You earn those kudos and a whole lot more by breaking my heart with your beautiful writing.

Shamefully I haven’t yet left a comment on your stories, because I haven’t been sure what to say.  The atmosphere you create with your writing is so fragile and hushed and stinging that I hit the end and feel sort of like…well, it feels a little like talking in church.  Or like a private, intimate moment that I didn’t really have the right to overhear and can’t do anything but interrupt so my best option is to leave quietly the way I came and take my copious opinions and overflowing emotions with me.

That’s a disservice to you, really, so I am telling you now. ^_^  Thank you for writing!  I love your stories.

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