#sprinting across an asphalt court with my head down and ran into a basketball pole

Broke my toe – the only break I’ve ever suffered in my life – by walking into a couch.

Fractured my skull by running into a washing line during a game of tag. Aged 5. 

Cannot put in tags; too long.

Age 17, doing a sort of poor man’s silver service waitressing job, had to wear fancy clothes and my only good black shoes had heels. Community centre had worn linoleum floor. Carrying glass dish of potatoes to a table, slipped and fell forward with glass dish in my hands, no time to drop it so I extended my arms straight out so I didn’t land face first in the dish. The gouges in the first knuckle of my left ring finger and the second knuckle of my right middle finger were so deep I didn’t even feel it; also, too embarrassed (hello to falling on one’s face while serving food to beer enthusiasts at the local Oktoberfest; lots of cheering when I went down). It was only after the third person looked at me all panicked and asked if I was alright when I noticed my hands were wet and … blood from fingertip to the cuffs of my blouse. My right middle finger still doesn’t bend properly; there’s likely tendon and/or nerve damage.

Tried to catch a falling wakizashi with a live edge.  Luckily I realized how stupid it was before my hand finished closing on the blade so I only have a crescent scar across the pad of my ring finger to show for it.

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