Hey, who here has tried writing via dictation?

Specifically, I want to write via dictation using my phone.  I’ve got a lot of commute time in my car where my head goes readily to writing stuff, but I forget half of it by the time I get home and settled in.  So I have begun looking into writing via dictation.

I haven’t found something I like for phone-based writing yet.  Google Docs has a fantastic voice to type function built in, but that only works in a computer’s Chrome browser, so no good for car rides.  And I know about Dragon Naturally Speaking but that is both expensive and also not useful for phone.

Today I tried opening a Google Doc on my phone and using the voice function on the Samsung keyboard (the one I normally use) to dictate.  It wasn’t bad, in terms of accuracy, but the microphone kept switching off–which is no good, because I need something that works without distracting me by fiddling with phone settings while I drive.  I wonder if a different one would work better?

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