Okay so like, what really gets me about this guy? Is his complete and utter lack of remorse. Ever. Like, when we see him for the last time, he’s lost everything. He’s literally sitting behind an army of failed attempts to bring his wife back, he’s watching the video on loop, it’s been days since he moved, and he’s not even surprised that his own kid has come back to try to kill him. 

And here’s where he proves that he hasn’t learned anything

At the end of Season 6, the Director dodges responsibility. He uses legal loopholes to try to get out of prosecution for what he did to the Alpha, and when Hargrove makes it clear he’s not letting it fly, he’s like, well, shit, and then fucks off to an isolated facility, leaving Wash, Price, and whoever else survived Project Freelancer to go to prison in his stead. 

And at the end of Season 10? He does the exact same thing. 

“Was the Project a success, Director?” The correct answer to that is, “no FILSS, I really fucked up. I neglected and manipulated my daughter for years, thank god she managed to turn into an amazing human being and leader despite my shitty parenting” 

The answer Leonard motherfucking Church gives? He wishes for more time. He still, after everything, thinks that he could have gotten it right, could have brought her back. 

And that’s the thing. If he had actually succeeded? If one of the versions of Beta/Tex he made was actually Allison? He wouldn’t have given a single flying fuck. It would have been worth it, in his mind. Sacrificing his daughter, torturing Alpha, fucking up hundreds if not thousands of lives would have been meaningless, as long as Allison was there at the end of it. The Director doesn’t actually give a shit about the things he did wrong. He doesn’t care about how his actions harmed others. In his head, some of his actions might have been reprehensible, but it all would have been fine, because he was going to get Allison back. 

Allison, in his mind, is worth killing everyone for. She’s worth any cost. (As @renaroo​ pointed out to me, it’s also indicative of how he thinks in general; he values certain lives more than others. it’s why he ranks the Freelancers, it’s why he views the Sim Troopers as disposable. he says it himself at the end of Season 6; to protect those of value, anyone else can be sacrificed.)

and then on top of all that, he has the fucking audacity to lay claim to Carolina and who she is. “You are my greatest creation.” It’s like, the reason him being her father works as a plot twist is the same reason that line works as a plot twist–because that’s not what a father says to his daughter, especially when it’s pretty clear who Carolina is is despite him, not because of him. 

tldr; fuck that guy

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