No lie, though, do you know how down I would be with introvert Jack Morrison who is seen as a bit of a glamorous but enigmatic figure by the public and who has to really work himself up for committee meetings and public appearances.

Like he’s so quietly confident that his people can accomplish absolutely anything they set their minds to that you can’t help but feel like you’re made of magic when you talk to him, but he’d really, really rather hide behind his paperwork or maybe lead a team into a firefight than have to socialize with strangers.

#I would hug him softly#I’m starting to think 76 is just jack not putting up a front#he’s quiet and serious and tired and just let him sleep in his big jumper someone just leave him be (via @tophatlass)

I wouldn’t be surprised if 76 is actually the result of Jack taking off the Commander Morrison mask. Or maybe 76 is Jack being able to be whatever kind of person he wants to be, and no one can give him shit anymore for not being enough of this or too much of that. 

Bro. Bro. Listen. A quiet organisation that the public has no knowledge of? No public speeches? Just a quiet base full of select individuals that run black-ops missions that nobody hears about? 

Starting to think Jack really would have been better with Blackwatch. Gabriel wouldnt think twice about public speeches and dramatic presentations, Jack had to work at all of them. AWW JEEZ IM REAL SAD NOW.

I don’t think that’s how special ops works, though. ^_^  Gabriel might not have been accountable to the press, but he still would’ve had to give speeches to somebody.  And he ended up on all the posters anyway, so that wouldn’t have gotten him out of it.

This is the sad thing about it, I think: I don’t think those two positions were probably interchangeable.  Gabriel, however exuberant and larger-than-life he was, clearly had a gift for special ops that led him and his team to ending what sounds like basically World War III.  Jack had a vision for what Overwatch could be that he made into something that helped stabilize a post-war world and inspire a whole generation.  And I don’t think they would necessarily have been as good if they had done each other’s jobs.

Wouldn’t it be sad, though?  If it

forced Jack to pretend he was something he wasn’t and made Gabriel hide that ridiculous glorious jack o’lantern light of his under a bushel along the way.  

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