Let me explain something to feminist everywhere. YOU CANNOT SAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED THE SAME AS MEN THEN GO AND PICK AND BE LIKE
“Equal pay? Yeah I’ll take that.”
“The right to vote? Yeah I’ll take that.”
Then be like
“Paying for the movies? Keep that”
“Paying for dinner? Keep that.”
You wanna know why we have higher wages as men? Because for some fucked up reason if we’re on a boat and it starts to sink you guys and the children are the first to go. And we have to fucking wait and die. Same thing in the event of a fire. That is why. You guy pick and choose what you want.

“Women and Children First” is basically a myth. It was never a widely practiced maritime policy.

Are….are you blaming the wage gap on fictional maritime disaster procedures? 

And who exactly is demanding that men continue paying for the movies and dinner?  Going by every woman I’ve ever talked to, it’s not women.  These days women over the age of 18 overwhelmingly prefer to pay for our own shit on dates so men can’t hold it over our heads that we ‘owe’ them sex something sex.

It’s not OUR responsibility if other men are pressuring you into believing your masculinity continues to ride on some Victorian conception of being able to ‘provide’ for your helpless, fragile mate.

Or we could break it down like this:

On a date that you pay for, you may be out $50, but we’re taking the risk that you’re a date rapist.

If you go on one date per week and pay for everything, you’re out $50 x 52 at the end of the year, or $2600.  Not small change, no.  But let’s assume you’re both young entry-level professionals working comparable jobs.  You, Mr. Man, are earning $36,000 per year, while Ms. Lady, earning an average 76 cents to your dollar, is raking in $27,540 a year, for a difference of almost $10,000.  Sort that out and we can get back to discussing the fairness of women paying for their own dates.

And you can fuck right off with your cute little ‘right to vote’ quip.  Women worked for over 50 years to earn that.  They got arrested (1800s prisons were NOT the relative bastions of civilized treatment they are today), they got committed to insane asylums (turn of the century sanitariums, enough said), they got kicked out by their husbands in an era when a woman couldn’t work to support herself as anything but a secretary, teacher, nurse (all skilled jobs), or sweatshop factory worker or prostitute (the options if you were one of the teeming masses of women who were never given enough education to learn to read).

Women fought for and won the right to vote because it was the only fucking way we could make society recognize we should be ALLOWED to have our own jobs, maintain our own property once married, or keep our kids in the event of divorce.  So if you think women have a legacy of being financial leeches on society, you have men to thank for that too.

Now next time you want to copy-paste somebody else’s argument against equal rights for women, try getting at least creative enough to rip off one that wasn’t being printed as an op-ed in newspapers in the 1940s.

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