for my You Light the Sky HBTY!

He will never leave his captivating siren. Sherlock will never let his John go.

Oh my god, wolf-charm you are always too kind to me. Thank you so much for this beautiful birthday present!! I let out a scream of joy when I saw this! It’s gorgeous, I love the colours, especially the colours reflected in the water (an eerie red glow) and Sherlock’s tail. I love how possessive Sherlock looks, wrapped around his John and how John is gentle in pressing his face against his hair. The light in the background is stunning, like hope, shining on them. Most of all I love the possessive look in Sherlock’s eyes as he looks towards the audience. This is spectacular and I’m just going to cry from emotions now. Wow. HUGS YOU AND LOVES YOU FOREVER.

Oh, that is SPECTACULAR.  The colors are out of this world.  Sherlock’s eyes are so spooky and fierce.

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