@provocatrixxx said: *dead on floor* OMG yes please. I bet Mary has a beautiful sadistic streak.

@alasse-m said: So I’m not the only one who saw top!Mary?

What do you think? ^_^


Mary ran her nails along John’s jaw, hard tips biting into his skin until he was forced to turn his head.

He wanted to pretend they were alone, but with Mary’s sharp-nailed grip holding him still, he couldn’t look away from Sherlock, sitting dark and silent in his chair, knees spread arrogantly wide and eyes fixed hungrily on their naked, flushed bodies.

Mary leaned up, the swell of her breasts pressing against John’s chest, to put her beautiful lips to his ear.  ”Now don’t look away from him, John.  And don’t you dare say his name.”

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