You know, I have never been one to actually buy into fannish ships. I mean, they’re fun to run with, and it’s fun to take things from the show and reinterpret them with a different spin.

But really and truly, I had not, previous to this season, believed that Sherlock and…

oh great. 
you just casually called all non-johnlock shippers homophobes. 

thanks so much. that is so nice of you.
and now just go fuck yourself. thanks. much appreciated.

Well, dammit.  Sorry about that.

When I wrote that I was thinking specifically of the homophobic backlash that tends to ensue whenever a show dares to rear the spectre of ~non-traditional relationships.~  That subset of the show’s viewers (or, for that matter, people who don’t actually watch the show) who would get offended and flip out on the principle of the thing.

It’s absolutely possible to feel a pairing doesn’t work without it making you homophobic.

And now of course it’s been reblogged 3000 times and it’s too late to chase people around to add a fix.

Johnlock–it’s not just for fans anymore. (Sherlock SPOILERS)

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