I certainly did!  😀  I’ve been following responses to my post avidly.

I haven’t replied to them because I figure that those analyses stand on their own, and when someone disagrees on how the show should be fundamentally interpreted, a ‘dialogue’ would really be a debate about attempting to convince them otherwise.  And that’d be a jackass thing to do.  I love all that diversity in perceptions and readings.

But I think everybody knows that alternative readings to mine are out there, don’t they?  And if you’re looking for some, there really are some fantastic breakdowns and rebuttals in those notes.

(Also worth mentioning is that I don’t think the show ever gives us any kind of indication of what Sherlock’s or John’s sexual orientations actually ARE.  We know—it’s very clear!—that John is Not Gay, and clearly he does like women, but that leaves a whole ecosystem of things he could be.  And as for Sherlock, it may go down as the great mystery of our age.  

We can induce the nature and perhaps label of the relationship between them based on the text, but not their orientations.)

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