Alright, but we’re expecting them around 2020, right?  ’Soon’ is relative here. 😉

Seriously, though, that’d be awesome.  And not every project the actors work on is going to be Star Trek or The Hobbit, so.

You know, though, it’s worth pausing for a moment to consider how remarkable it is that these men and women have given themselves to BBC Sherlock this way.  The lead actors and producers, certainly, who are in such demand in the industry (partly because of this show) and who stick by it despite that, but also all the actors and production crew and even the Beeb administrators who support it.

The schedules are weird and brutal, and the devotion among all these people despite the coordinating shenanigans required to even find time to keep it all going is truly incredible.  If you’d asked most people in the industry a few years ago, they probably would’ve said this show couldn’t exist today.  It certainly wouldn’t exist in the US.  (And isn’t that an argument for public broadcasting!)

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