1) The Unlocking Sherlock documentary that’s been available online for a couple weeks now will air on “real” TV tonight at 10 pm Eastern/Pacific on PBS. (If you’re in the UK, you’ve got your own documentary tonight.)

2) Series 3 of Sherlock premieres next Sunday on PBS. Even if you’re among those of us who’ve indulged in… let’s call it a “sneak peek”… so you wouldn’t be spoiled before you could see the new episodes on TV, don’t forget that PBS Masterpiece has helped pay to make this show happen the whole time. Remind your casual fan friends to watch on PBS, and consider making a pledge to your local station if you can. (Or get your parents to do it. That works, too.)

Oh seriously, pledge to PBS. Public funding of the arts has fucking plummeted in the last decade. I for one would never have seen Sherlock were it not for PBS, and there’s sure as fuck no other broadcaster in the US who’d have shown The Hollow Crown. So yeah, five bucks even.

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