u peeps defending mary shooting sherlock in the chest r just amazing

Yeah, there’s a thing about shooting a person anywhere in the chest: it’s a kill shot.  Like, even if you can thread your bullet between the stomach and the spleen like a champion at wrangling sewing needles, if you shoot somebody in the chest then you are either 100% prepared for them to be dead or else you’re an idiot.

What she did was try to kill him with a small chance of survival, not ‘save his life.’

‘Cos Mary’s kinda scary and amoral, and totally willing to blow Sherlock away after running the situational calculus through her head.

Which, to be clear, I am totally cool with.  I am rolling in the aisles with glee at her character, whether she turns out to be 150% loyal to John or an assassin secretly out to kill him.  But them’s the facts.

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