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Since I can’t bear to watch it again, did John move back w/Sherlock?

Not sure.  Sherlock put John’s chair back, and John (I think correctly) deduced that it meant that Sherlock was EXPECTING him to move back in.

And then we know that several months later, John and Mary spent Christmas at the Holmes’s house, and that in the interim, John had been more or less giving Mary the silent treatment.  The time-skip had to be at least three months, because before we skipped forward, we had the characters walking around outside in what would’ve been mid-fall clothes at latest.

So…it’s possible that John and Mary were still sharing the house.  On the one hand, that would have been profoundly awkward and, in some ways, probably not healthy if they wanted to work through this.  On the other hand, as Mary’s pregnancy was progressing (they were married in May, so by December she is seven months pregnant), John might have sucked it up enough to make sure he was around to at least help her with physical stuff.

Or he might’ve been living with Sherlock for that time.  Or living with Sherlock and dropping by the house at least often enough to make sure that Mary was okay.  It’s not made explicit.

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