Hmmmmmm, that is a good question.

*turns it over*


I think no.  For one thing, his entire relationship with her turns out to be a lie.  He admits he didn’t even have sex with her. 

For another, in this case it was very much a move necessary for the plot.

For a THIRD, it’s a reference to ACD canon, where Holmes got engaged to CAM’s maid.  (Though he admitted to Watson later that he knew she’d been using him as much as vice versa, she she had another fella she wanted to make jealous enough to propose to her.  Happy endings for all!)

Now, John’s gaping astonished “I can’t watch this” face while Sherlock’s doing kissyface might count as queerbaiting…except that I felt the same way during that scene and it had nothing to do with Johnlock. 😀

So yeah, I give this scene a pass.

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