Things I’m actually hoping for in the next wave of Sherlock fanfiction/ may have to consider writing myself:

1) What the hell is going through John’s head right now. I’ve seen some pretty convincing arguments that after Sherlock’s fake suicide and Mary’s true background coming out he’s completely broken. This breaks my heart. But a lot of this is playing to the heart of his own internal struggle, which is his own desire to be a “normal” person playing against the fact that he is addicted to a life of danger and unhappy without it. I think both sides were wrong (John is not responsible for the lies others tell him) and both sides are right (John would not have been happy with someone who wasn’t his equal in all senses and he needs to accept that part of himself). 

Basically I want a lot more exploration of where John is and where is he going. It doesn’t necessarily have to be happy. It could go really, really fucked up before it gets better. Which brings me to:

2) Mary/John gunplay. People keep saying Mary is some sort of female!Sherlock which is utterly wrong. She is a female John, a former assassin who tried to have a normal life and became a medical professional. I want absolutely borderline scary adrenaline fueled danger sex between these two sharp shooters and I kinda want it prey on John’s internal dichotomy of “Do I love this and can’t live without it, or do I hate that this part of my life and am afraid it may never go away.”

3) When it’s all resolved (or even if John is still broken and sharp and hollow trying to figure it out) please send Mary, Sherlock, and John on some undercover missions together because I need it. I need this threesome and I need all of them being exactly what they were trained to be, working in tandem, and having passionate post-andrenaline high sex afterwards and maybe John has that corner of his brain thinking on how screwed up all of this is and how he’s never been happier in his life and never been more miserable, oops.




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