Urbanhymnal: I like that the show just straight up told us Sherlock has a bunch of coats. So one gets a little blood on it? No worries. He’s got a closet full.
prettyarbitrary: Hahaha. I have a headcanon that he bought the entire series, so that nobody else could have his coat.
Urban: Heehee. I could see that
prettyarbitrary: The man has an instinct for personal branding.
thirtypercent: ahahaha. he would
prettyarbitrary: (And he’s grumpy because since he came back from the dead and was in all the newspapers, everybody wants a coat like his so Belstaff is reissuing the design.)
prettyarbitrary: (Copycats. Next thing you know, ‘consulting detectives’ will be littering the landscape.)
prettyarbitrary: (That is HIS JOB, you cannot have it.)
Urban: (They can have the hat, though)
prettyarbitrary: Yes. Though he’s grown a bit fond of it secretly.
prettyarbitrary: When he sees photos of other people in deerstalkers, he gets snippy and John doesn’t know why.
prettyarbitrary: But it’s because THOSE deerstalkers aren’t as meaningful as his. So they’re stupid and offensive.
Urban: I am in need of this fic now.

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