I keep getting asks about the post about gaslighting from stardust-dream and thursdayplaid:

Short answer is: oh my GOD I have so many thoughts.  I have so many thoughts I’m having a hard time organizing them.  I think this issue reaches right down into the roots of the show, and it’s plucking so many strings in my brain that I’m not completely sure where to start.

Prettyarbitrary mentioned my post on her tumblr.  This might mean I’m fancy now.  I’m not sure how to feel about it.  It’s a kind of feeling I can’t even make a proper metaphor for.

I dunno, it probably means you’re smart.  And sexy.  Maybe you’ll get a major role in a feature film now.  That’d be cool.  I like to think I have that kind of power.

It does mean I’m following you now, though.  I hope the exploits of your foot-hole don’t disappoint!  REMEMBER THAT FEATURE FILM IS ON THE LINE.

(Seriously I hope that heals quickly.  Sorry to hear.)

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