You guys don’t understand

just how badly I want to demonstrate to you how Johnlock is real.

And maybe it’s homosexual and erotic or homosexual/asexual or queerplatonic, but whichever it is, they’re canonically together and even the writers and…

My main sticking point on this entire third series is that Sherlock didn’t know about Mary’s past. He had clues/deductions in TEH. Why didn’t he follow up? For that matter why didn’t Mycroft, who worries constantly, and micro-manages surveillance on Sherlock and all who are close to him know about Mary’s Past?  

We see Sherlock interview Mary’s previous boyfriend. We see him do a web search on Major Sholto. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have done similar searches on all the members and guests at the wedding. Why, for the love of all that’s holy, didn’t he know all it was possible to know about Mary.

So, I believe in Johnlock, and until now I believed in Sherlock. Now I’m not so sure about the latter

I can buy why Sherlock would not have followed up on his deductions about Mary!

He’s told us this himself over and over.  Caring is a disadvantage.  Emotions disrupt objectivity.  They distract.  They interfere.  He’s never claimed that he can’t have emotions.  He’s said that he refuses to indulge in them, and this is exactly why.  When you care too much, you let someone else’s happiness take priority over the truth.

And he’s not wrong.  That’s a fact about life and love that we’ve all felt.  But this is also what love does.  Sherlock loves John enough that he allowed it to happen, even though he knew the consequences.

I DON’T get how Mycroft wouldn’t know.  Among other things, he’s keyed into the intelligence world.  He’s worked with the CIA.  I would imagine that he could tell John as much about Mary as Mary could.  So either he knew and didn’t say anything (which I could maybe see till she shot Sherlock?  At which point I can only see Mycroft burning her alive), or else he didn’t know, which means he didn’t look.

Which seems almost implausibly unthorough of him, given that he’s obsessive enough about the lives of the people around him to know OFF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD the restaurant where John’s planning to propose and, even if he didn’t care till Sherlock returned and got involved in their lives again, he’s had the better part of a year to do his research.

Like I’ve said before, there are issues with the plot this season.  The reasoning behind why we’re supposed to buy that it makes sense she’d near-fatally shoot Sherlock and leave Magnussen intact is one of them.  The reasoning behind how she managed to get into John’s life without SOMEBODY noticing the truth is another.

On the other hand, plot holes are not a surprising new development in the history of this show.  It’s always had its share of questionable reasoning.  You just kind of roll with it.

I actually don’t buy that sherlock wouldn’t have done a follow up either. Even in regards to John he’s never held back before.

I really honestly think they lost a bit of the nature of sherlock here. I think they needed the idea to work so they made sherlock much “lighter” this season to make room for all the times he has to drop the ball in order for the plot to “function”. I think it was less about his affection for John and more about making the plot work.

Well, in all honesty I think it was about Moffat deciding that he just HAD to have Sherlock get shot and nearly die, so any other points where he couldn’t find a way for that to make sense got fudged.  If they’d found another way to go about the whole reveal and lead into the end of HLV, I think they would’ve ended up with not only a stronger episode, but a stronger season (because if you follow backwards from that, the plot threads laid in place—or more accurately skipped—to make it possible are consistently the ones that don’t jibe).

This is why he should have season finales taken away from him.

In which PA fails to meta and mostly just rambles flailingly. Sherlock spoilers.

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