I feel like I do need to explain a little bit, about their nicknames…


  • Chinese name most time are just 2/3 characters, like mine, 谢晓(XieXiao), see? short and simple, easy to remember. Benedict Cumberbatch/本尼迪克特·康博巴奇(and slao Tom Hiddleston/汤姆·希德勒斯顿), those foreign actors all have very long names, so we’ll give everyone of them a nickname, sometime it’s more than one, but it’s up to your mood and how creative you can be…it’s for us to learn and rememeber them, NOT FOR FUN OR INSULT !!!
  • How? Most time we just pick the special part of them, like [James McAvoy = 一美 = One Beauty] [Michael Fassbender = 法鲨 = Shark] I think you get my point, so let go back to BC/MF………
  • Benedict Cumberbatch has TWO type of nickname, one is 缺爷 = Master Dork, or 二缺 = Dorky Dork. 缺 this word also means someone lack of honor and respect, but that’s not what we mean, he must take it the wrong way, that’s why he thinks us call him “dickhead”…WHICH WE ARE NOT !!! The other one is 马脸 = Horse Face. I personally prefer this one, and I like to call him “The Prince of Planet Hores”, but in the lovely way, we mean him NO HARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Martin Freeman, we call him 潮爷, 爷 = Master/Lord/Sir. 潮 = Stylish/Fashion. He always dressed up so nice and neat, so there you go.
  • The Curly Fu and Peanut, it’s for Sherlock, not exactly for Benedict. Like I said, pick the special apart, pick the part that you’re gonna remember the most, THE CURLY HAIR! And Fu, in Chinese, Holmes = 福尔摩斯(FuErMoSi), Fu is short of Holmes, so that’s what it means. Curly Fu = Curly Holmes. Peanut means 花生(HuaSheng), his name is Watson = 华生(HuaSheng), same pronunciation, when you type it, it gose right in to Peanut, well it’s cute, right?

that’s it I guess…if you have any questions, pls ask me.

Oh man, this is cool!

I’ve always loved these kinds of analyses of Chinese.  It’s so cool to see the way the ideograms break down and create opportunities for connections between concepts that just don’t exist in western languages.

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