Oh man, it is my pleasure to introduce you to eldritch-horrors!  

Eldritch is brilliant and weird and intensely eloquent and insightful on a number of subjects—not least among them being kink.  For those who really want to get into the headspace of kink and BDSM and write it right not only from the perspective of practice but also psychology, the blogs of Eldritch and Pennypaperbrain are your go-to reference texts in this fandom.  

Eldritch wrote/is writing Cold Song, which is one of the most spectacularly beautiful series in the Sherlock fandom, along with various other equally fantastic Star Trek fic.  And also authored one of the most helpful and downright interesting metas I have read, an insider look on being a professional dominatrix.

There are a lot of normal societal boxes that Eldritch doesn’t fit into, and so far as I can tell she’s pretty pleased with that.  Eldritch doesn’t hold back on her opinions, is blunt in speaking them, and makes no attempt to speak from some broad, mythical position of ‘inclusiveness’ in doing so, because the only experiences Eldritch has ever had are Eldritch’s and so those are the ones she can speak from with confidence (also it’s one hell of a breadth of experience, so).  Eldritch says this is because she’s amoral, and that may be so (although I’ve always found her very civilized and compassionate on a level most people never reach), but personally I find the bald honesty of it very refreshing.

Personally I think almost everybody would benefit from following Eldritch on Tumblr, but I’ve got one caveat.  Like I said, Eldritch doesn’t sugar-coat her opinions, and she’s got a way of hitting on things that force your mind to stretch in sometimes uncomfortable directions—and I’m not joking about this, she doesn’t back away from topics just because society at large has decided they’re taboo or that you’re a deviant if you don’t hold the majority opinion.  She gets that not everybody in the world sees things the same way, and has no problem with lively debate.  But if you start shit with her, she will finish it, but she won’t enjoy it.  And I don’t want to be responsible for bringing wank to her door.

So follow eldritch-horrors.  And let her make you think.  Even if you don’t always agree with her, you’ll find yourself getting smarter.

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