Is she, or isn’t she?

For a start, she admits to being a psychopath. Though, so does Sherlock, and we know for a fact that he isn’t. Sherlock pretends to be a psychopath for the sake of his brain and to lower expectations (presumably). I don’t know how many fake psychopaths can fit on this show. Personally, I think Mary is probably the real deal (much like Moriarty, and probably Mycroft).

The reasons I think Mary is a psychopath, and also an epic, amazing, perfect baddie for series 4:

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All this, once again, in Ivy’s delightfully concise fashion.

(I hear you laughing at being called ‘concise,’ Ivy.  I did it just for you.)

I love Mary as a ‘good guy’ (and I use that term loosely, because yes, she is about 1000 miles away from being a good person), but I think I would like her as a bad guy even better.  Because if she is, then she’s the most dangerous threat they could possibly face.  In fact, if she is, then she already has them cornered.  There’s already no way they can come out of this without being in tatters at the end.

Ugh, it’s hard, but I think that if forced to choose, I would have to go with hoping that she turns out to be the last remnant of Moriarty’s web, because I truly can’t think of anything that could possibly be more brilliantly terrible to do to them.

Also it would make s3 suddenly make SO much more sense.

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