So like I said, I rewatched TEH, and wow I totally get where John is coming from this season after a refresher on this episode.

I mean, Sherlock treats him like dirt.  We see the one fateful moment when he flips out while pulling John out of the fire, but John doesn’t (till later, when he’s floored by it).  But other than that, we get:

(TL;DR: Sherlock is really horrible to John until he isn’t, and what John knows by the end of it all is that he’s the one thing that can reliably fuck Sherlock up.)

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Hah!  It WAS Ivy (I knew it had to be; nobody has BBC Idiots-in-Love down quite like Ivy).  Here is her brilliant meta on how Sherlock and John are really good at not being clear about how they feel for each other:

You guys are really bad at listening, though.  140+ notes?  Didn’t I say to ignore this? 😉

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