I’m beginning to think that the other person in his relationship being anti-social may be important to John.

Throughout the show, we see John framed as the compassionate, nurturing one. The one who holds Sherlock to social standards, who gets him to behave like less of an…

Ahaha, YES! Thank you!! I’ve always thought that John was a bit of a dick, honestly. It only really peeves me when I think he’s being a dick to Sherlock in particular – which is frequently. Which brings me back to my recurring refrain about John Watson, which is that he is completely clueless about who he is or what he wants. He doesn’t see himself accurately, so how could he possibly judge anyone else’s character correctly? I always thought he liked Sherlock at least partly because Sherlock makes him look like the nice one in comparison. 😛

Though, as long as we’re listing dickish things he’s done to Mrs Hudson, I was a bit ticked with him the morning after the stag do. Sure, he’s hung over, and sure I’d be a little grossed out by Hudders wanting to regale me with her sexual history first thing in the morning on a queasy stomach, but he literally pulls a face like he’s about to be ill (dude, old people are allowed to have sex lives, too!), doesn’t thank her for having made him breakfast, and walks out of the room. To quote Sherlock, “Rude. Rude!”

Hahahaa, well, if you’re looking for the dick in the Sherlock/John relationship, have no fear!  I’m pretty sure that’s mostly Sherlock.  John’s contribution to the assholism in that relationship can’t hold a candle to the colossal bouts of mind-altering fuckery Sherlock delivers.

It’s a good thing I enjoy stories about toxic relationships.

I still can’t decide whether they’re just vastly unhealthy together or if, somehow, they have managed to serendipitously stumble into a perfect matched set of WTF character traits.  They seem so happy about it, though, and they all but curl up and purr to receive the damage they do to one another, so…mazel tov, I guess.

(But then, it’s not like this show ever pretended to be about normal people.  The whole point is that life with Sherlock Holmes is a rabbit hole into the 8th dimension.  Sherlock lives and works in Shadow London, the weirder, scarier London underneath and between where the normal people dwell, and the people who want to live in that world with him are inevitably going to be pretty weird and messed up in their own right.)

That bit with Mrs. Hudson was totally rude, though, I agree.  I laughed at his expression, but then I was like, “Wow, way to make her feel like crap for having, you know, human experiences.”

Anti-social life partners and how John’s kind of a dick too

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